The Czech Republic is hosting the 104th General Meeting of the European Travel Commission

The Czech Republic is hosting the 104th General Meeting of the European Travel Commission

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On November 15 and 16, the European Tourism Forum takes place in the Prague Congress Centre. It also includes a Board of Directors Meeting and the General Meeting of the European Travel Commission (ETC). It is mainly about the strategy to promote Europe as a tourist destination until 2030.

The ETC General Meeting is held twice a year. Currently in Prague, due to the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU). It is a meeting of the highest representatives of the national tourist authorities of the European Union states and other countries. Under the banner of ETC, they come together because of the promotion of Europe as a tourist destination, especially for distant markets, joint researches in the tourist industry and a unified position in negotiations in the European Union.

"Leaders of European tourism are meeting in Prague to discuss the current situation in the tourist industry. This summer was successful for tourism, but we cannot ignore the pitfalls that await us. Whether it's geopolitical instability or economic crisis," says ETC President Luís Araújo and continues: "It's important to keep sustainability and digitization in mind when reviving tourism. I thank CzechTourism for the hospitality and for giving us the opportunity to share experiences in this area."

At the second meeting of this year, the Strategic Framework of ETC activities until 2030 will be discussed particularly. It concerns effective marketing, sustainable tourism and essential research. The action plan of the program of co-financed campaigns for the year 2023 supported by the European Commission is also to be approved. Along with the Visegrad Group countries, Czechia, represented by the Czech Tourism Authority - CzechTourism, is participating in several of them. If it succeeds in the open tender, it will get a chance to double the budget invested in campaigns from the European Union's funds and get extra resources to its own budget worth tens of thousands of euros.

"Czech membership in the European Travel Commission is crucial for deepening cooperation with other European states and at the same time a great opportunity for external financing of activities promoting Europe and within it the Czech Republic," says Director of the Czech Tourism Authority - CzechTourism Jan Herget and adds:"Primarily in distant markets such as the United States or Japan, Europe is often perceived as a separate destination. Tourists from these countries rarely stay in one state on their travels. That's why it is important to work together on promotion Europe in a unified way and actively participate in the platforms which ETC offers."

The European Travel Commission was established in 1948. It is a unique and significant tourism association. It represents the national tourism organizations of European countries and strengthens the sustainable development of Europe as a tourist destination. It currently has 35 members. Czechia has been a full member since 1995.