Foreign representation in Slovakia

Czech Tourism Centre - CzechTourism
Prepoštská 6, 11 01 Bratislava, SLOVAKIA
Tel.: +421 911 420 669

Office temporarily closed (reconstruction)

Mgr. Nora Gill, Ph. D.
Director of ZZ Slovakia
Communication language: czech, slovak, english, german, norwegian

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Slovaks are tasting Czechia right now
15. 12. 2022

Slovaks are tasting Czechia right now

Historical monuments, natural beauties, cultural gems, traditions and gastronomic specialties of the Czech Republic. All this can currently residents of Slovakia get to know. And that is thanks to the television series of gastronomic travelogues Tasty Czechia. Four episodes will guide viewers through Olomouc, South Moravian, Zlín and South Bohemian Region. Read more…