Bohemian Switzerland is missing tourists. So it drew them in the campaign

Bohemian Switzerland is missing tourists. So it drew them in the campaign

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Come to Bohemian Switzerland. That is the main message of the advertising campaign, which has already started on the Internet, in the press and on the radio. From November 1, it will also cover billboards throughout the Czech Republic. The event, which prepared the non-profit society České Švýcarsko in cooperation with the Ústí Region and the CzechTourism agency, has a single goal – to attract tourists again to the destination affected by a devastating fire this summer.
The vast majority of tourist destinations in Bohemian Switzerland are open to the public again, but visitors are still coming back slowly. “The impacts on local businessmen are devastating. We´re therefore trying to help them as much as possible by using available promotional tools. With the support of the Ústí Region and the CzechTourism agency, we were able to prepare a campaign that aims to draw attention to variety of activities in Bohemian Switzerland during the autumn season. From our point of view, it's the ideal time to get to know the beauty of this region," comments Jan Šmíd, Director of the non-profit society České Švýcarsko, on the current situation.

The preparation of the campaign – from the initial idea to the finalization of data – took less than one month. The basis consists of six eye-catching visuals focused on active travellers and families with children. They combine photographs with illustrations. The unique atmosphere of Bohemian Switzerland is captured in the images by Jiří Lízler, a leading Czech photographer who is mainly interested in the hospitality segment. Brno artist Adéla Stopka took care of the illustrations. "The cartoon characters in the photographs replace tourists that are currently missing in Bohemian Switzerland. We believe that the public will identify with them and connect a pleasant visit of the region with useful help. That's why the text message is very simple - we miss you here, when will you come?", adds Miroslav Kokta, marketing manager of the non-profit company České Švýcarsko.

The CzechTourism agency also hopes for the positive influence of the campaign. "Our task, which we take as a matter of our hearts, is to attract tourists to the Czech Republic. From the beginning, we were very sensitive to the fire in Bohemian Switzerland - after all, it´s an area where most people work in the tourism industry. That's why we support the return of tourists as much as possible, and we appreciate the commitment of everyone involved," says Jan Herget, Director of the Czech Tourism Authority – CzechTourism and adds: "The campaign was created and launched in a record-breaking short time. It has an idea, style and combines photography, CGI and illustrations in a unique way. We believe that people will like it, it will appeal to them and so they will come to Bohemian Switzerland!"

The destination of Bohemian Switzerland really has a lot to offer – natural beauty interwoven with fascinating rock formations, which were also chosen for filming the legendary Chronicles of Narnia and a number of other fairy tales. Travellers can also choose from a wide offer of first-class services, from accommodation to wellness treatments to entertainment for families with children. "The resulting style of the visuals corresponds to this. We wanted to show how varied program people can make with us. And set their experiences in photogenic locations which are so characteristic for Bohemian Switzerland," explains Kokta.

The campaign is running online, in print media, radio, and from November 1 also on OOH media throughout the Czech Republic. It will last until the end of November 2022. The Ústí Region and the CzechTourism agency participated in its financing. In the first six days, more than three million Internet users saw the visuals as part of the click-through campaign.

Jiří Lízler, photographer
Jiří Lízler is an internationally awarded commercial photographer who specializes primarily in the hospitality segment. His works have been published in a number of prestigious world media such as Forbes, Vanity Fair or The Times. The list of Lízler's clients includes dozens of renowned companies, such as Microsoft, Marriott Hotels or He was chosen for the campaign due to his clearly recognizable handwriting and technical maturity, which he materializes into realizations with the help of composite photography, CGI and 3D technology.

Adéla Stopka, illustrator
Adéla Stopka is a respected artist and illustrator from Brno, who works mainly in the digital environment, but is also not averse to work with gouache or watercolour paints. The passion for fairy tales and magical creatures translates into breathtaking drawings and illustrations. Her portfolio includes a number of important Czech and foreign clients, such as Redbull or Fair Trade. Stopka took care of the illustrations in the Bohemian Switzerland campaign photos.

You can find more information at or at the FB page Bohemian Switzerland - an excellent destination.