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Call for cooperation on press, fam and influencer trips
CzechTourism invites partners across the country to cooperate in press, fam and influencer trips. When preparing these trips for foreign journalists, tour operators, bloggers and instagrammers, we always prepare specific itineraries that present the tourist offer of a given place, including the provision of quality services.

We will appreciate if you accept our invitation and fill in the online form. We will then include you in our database of partners, which will be available to the CzechTourism team in Prague as well as to our representatives in our foreign offices.

If we will implement a programme in your region, we will be happy to contact you with a specific request. We will also take into account the theme of the tour, market specifics, price, quality, language skills and transport accessibility.

After the event, we evaluate the feedback of the participants, which we will be happy to share with you. We will also make available to you the media and other outputs that will subsequently be produced from the trip.

Fam trips

In general, the following should be taken into account when conducting fam trips:
  • interest in top category hotels (especially in remote markets), i.e. 4* and 5* hotels are in demand;
  • very good language skills;
  • the location/city/site needs to be presented from a business point of view (sights, events, activity options, accommodation and catering on offer;
  • what makes the location unique, prices of services, quantity discounts, language facilities, etc.);
  • good transport accessibility and location of the property are important;
  • have promotional materials, photos for catalogues, contacts that tour operators can use;
  • welcome by a company representative – contact person for tour operators.

Press trips

An important element of press trips is the uniqueness, uniqueness, unusualness of a given place, location or object.

Here we take into account:
  • high quality of accommodation services, i.e. 4* and 5* hotels, family-run guesthouses or stylish accommodation are in demand;
  • having promotional materials and company presentation in the language;
  • allow journalists to take photographs;
  • good language skills;
  • experiential programs such as workshops, costumed tours, tastings, etc.) are welcome;
  • gastronomic experiences (traditional Czech dishes, modern Czech cuisine, local specialties).

Influencer trips

For influencer trips it is important that the services are original, unusual and photogenic.

Here we take into account:
  • the level of service quality of the accommodation matches the style of the influencers (not necessarily the highest quality hotels);
  • interesting properties such as glamping sites are welcomed;
  • good language facilities;
  • providing sufficient time for photography and filming, usually more than for press or fam trips;
  • in the case of group events, there is usually a set timetable from breakfast to the evening programme; in the case of individual events, the programme has main fixed points, but more flexibility is expected;
  • experiences (sports, cultural, gastronomic, agro) are arranged in advance - at least in aj;
  • tips on local cuisine, local goods shops are welcome;
  • influencers are often under 35 years old (younger target group), can be individuals or groups;
  • if a self-guided tour is not available, we would welcome the provision of an on-site contact person to provide influencers with input and information.

For those who are interested in participating in the organization of these trips, a form is available.

We look forward to working with you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

More information

Bc. Jana Soukalová
senior manager of press and fam trips
Phone: + 420 221 580 412