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The Tourism Forum is a conference and educational platform that plays an indispensable role in the ever-increasing impact of tourism on our lives. The event addresses current and future tourism challenges that have or will have a major impact on foreign and domestic visitors to the Czech Republic. The Forum is organised by the CzechTourism agency in cooperation with professional associations and regional partners, and each year one key theme is selected to highlight the potential of individual regions in their respective areas.


Tourism Forum 2021

The tenth edition of the conference is already being prepared in a hybrid system (offline and online conferences - Kongresové centrum Praha) and aims to summarize the ups and downs of the tourism industry during the covid pandemic. On November 23, the conference will look back at specific cases of flexibility in different sectors of the industry, but will also name the challenges for the coming period. Have tourism stakeholders been able to learn from such a sudden global situation?

Tourism Forum 2020

Due to the covid situation of 2020, the Tourism Forum has been cancelled and replaced by several other professional events focusing on current topics related to the progression of the pandemic. The agency organized, among other things, a CzechTourism Strategy Day, during which the new destination strategy for the Czech Republic and the current situation in terms of regions and foreign markets were presented.

Tourism Forum 2019

The ninth edition of the Tourism Forum conference with the subtitle "Innovation in tourism" took place on 28 & 29 November 2019 at the Courtyard Hotel in Brno. The contributions touched mainly on topics focused on the use of innovative technologies, digital phenomena and marketing knowledge in the management and marketing of tourist destinations. The workshops focused on the use of business intelligence for data analysis and strategic decision support for destination managers, as well as on the issue of public support.

FCR 2019 Program (PDF)

Tourism Forum 2018

The eighth edition of the Tourism Forum conference with the subtitle "New ways" took place on 21 & 22 November 2018 in the EA Hotel Tereziánský Dvůr in Hradec Králové. The contributions touched mainly on the topics focused on the complex development of destination marketing using new media and marketing phenomena, the use of the potential of communities in the development of regions or the creation of media content and, last but not least, the development of non-traditional forms of tourism.

Fcr 2018 Program (PDF) | Presentations by speakers 2018

Tourism Forum 2017

The seventh edition of the Tourism Forum conference, this time on the topic „sustainable tourism“, took place on 15 & 16 November at the Congress Hotel Dvořák in Tábor. The expert contributions focused on the complex issue of long-term sustainability of tourism from the environmental, socio-cultural and economic point of view. The conference focused on interdisciplinary overlaps and positive and negative impacts of tourism and was opened with an introductory speech by a prominent Czech geologist, climatologist and popularizer, Václav Cílek.

Programme of FCR 2017 (PDF) Presentations by speakers 2017

Tourism Forum 2016

Over 150 attendees visited Karlovy Vary on 6-7 October for the sixth annual Tourism Forum conference, which took place alongside the 49th Tourfilm International Festival.

Program of FCR 2016 (PDF) | Presentations of speakers 2016