Czechs plan to spend more on summer holidays this year, interest in foreign countries is growing slightly

Czechs plan to spend more on summer holidays this year, interest in foreign countries is growing slightly

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A total of 61% of Czechs are planning to spend this summer holiday in Czechia, most often in the South Bohemia and South Moravia regions. They are most often going with their family, partner or spouse. On average, they want to rest for 10 days. As the main purpose of their leisure time they imagine lighter sports activities, but also visiting cultural sights or attractions designed for the whole family. On average, they plan to spend CZK 9,284 per person over the whole period. 60% of respondents plan to spend the summer abroad. This results from the latest survey of the Czech Tourist Authority – CzechTourism .
Czechs will pay more for summer holidays this year, they want to stay mainly in guesthouses
The share of those who want to enjoy their summer holidays in Czechia has not changed year-on-year. The length of the domestic holiday was slightly reduced by one day, while the planned expenditure per person increased by CZK 921. Almost a third of the respondents want to spend their summer holidays in the same or a familiar place. Half of Czechs choose a destination they do not know yet. The choice of accommodation is based on personal experience and price (88%).
"Survey showed that the most popular accommodation is guesthouses (46%) and hotels or motels with three or more stars (29%). The Czechs are most likely to go on holiday by car or motorbike (70%), but also by train (18%) or bus (10%),“sums up Director of the Czech Tourist Authority - CzechTourism František Reismüller and adds: "Most often in the form of hiking, which has long been one of the most popular outdoor activities of the Czechs. After all, no wonder, we have the best hiking signs in the world and over 44 thousand kilometres of hiking trails. In recent years, we have also seen a growing trend in long-distance hiking trails. In this respect, it is certainly worth mentioning the resources that people use in abundance to plan holidays and trips. The most popular one is the tourist portal Kudy z nudy run by CzechTourism, where almost 60 percent of the respondents look for tips. Just for the record – in peak tourist season, this site receives over 4 million visits per month.”
The trend is relaxation with lighter sporting activities, but also adrenaline
As already mentioned – Czechs prefer relaxing holidays with lighter sports activities (40%), such as hiking, walking, water sports and visiting water parks, but also cycling or water hiking. A total of 17% of people go to cultural sights in summer, 13% to attractions designed for families with children and 12% are fans of passive relaxation. A tenth of the respondents want to visit some of the domestic cities. Active holidays with sports or a visit to a spa are also on the agenda. More than half of the respondents are inspired by tips and recommendations from friends or family and 43% choose a destination based on a map with tourist attractions marked on it.

"Hiking is most often planned by people aged 40-49 (86%). Similarly, respondents often want to take easier walks with family and friends (69%), which is especially true for people under 29 (91%). Among the plans for the summer are also stays with exercise program, alpine hiking, trail runs, mountaineering and other adrenaline sports,“ adds head of the Institute of Tourism of the Czech Tourist Authority – CzechTourism Petr Janeček.

Holiday spending
In terms of total holiday spending, Czechs spend the most on accommodation (48%) and meals in restaurants (18%), while a total of 11% goes on paying for services such as tickets to museums and monuments or expenses related to sports, insurance and excursions. On the other hand, people are least likely to spend on transport (7%), souvenirs, food, clothing (7%) and fuel (9%).
Emphasis on sustainability and ecology
Research has shown that Czechs are increasingly concerned about sustainability when planning their holidays. Up to 41% of respondents are interested in tourist destinations that support this, 39% prefer nature-friendly accommodation and 31% plan to travel to their destination in an environmentally friendly way.

"Sustainability in travel is a concern especially among younger generations, but also among seniors. Women are more often involved in this area. Tourists are accustomed to saving water and sorting waste while travelling. But consumers are the last ones in the tourism ecosystem to address sustainability. This must primarily be addressed by the industry as a whole. Once sustainable is the default, cheapest or easiest option, demand will increase. So far in Czechia, this option is set up more as a "niche" and optional option,"  says Tereza Kadlecová, who is responsible for sustainable tourism at CzechTourism.

More Czechs will head abroad this summer than last year
60% of Czechs are planning a summer holiday abroad, which is 3% more than last year. The willingness to go abroad decreases with increasing age and the willingness to travel longer distances decreases with increasing age. For example, only 34% of respondents in the over-75 category choose this option for their summer holidays. The main reason why Czechs do not go abroad in summer is lack of finances (60%) and the fact that they simply do not go abroad at this time of year (19%).

Domestic tourist travel has been gaining more prominence in recent years. In 2013, the ratio of domestic and foreign tourists staying in mass accommodation in Czechia was almost equal. Last year the ratio was almost 60 to 40 (57% and 43%) in favour of domestic tourists. However, this proportion is gradually changing again. The first quarter data for this year showed, among other things, that while the share of tourists from abroad in the total number of travellers is slowly but steadily increasing, the number of visitors from distant markets has also risen. Almost 53% (2 174 thousand) were domestic tourists, while 47% (1 942 thousand) were visitors from abroad.
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