Joint campaign with Prague Airport and Prague City Tourism to boost inbound tourism

Joint campaign with Prague Airport and Prague City Tourism to boost inbound tourism

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Together with Prague Airport and Prague City Tourism, we are working to bring tourists back to the Czech capital. The cooperation is supported by a foreign marketing campaign in selected countries. The restoration and development of air links with Prague depends on inbound tourism, which accounted for approximately 70 per cent of Prague Airport's traffic in the pre-pandemic period.
The aim of the joint efforts of all three entities is to accelerate the return of tourists to Prague and the Czech Republic from countries that can generate not only interesting volumes of tourists, but also higher income groups. According to data from the Czech Statistical Office, 2.8 million guests came to domestic hotels in the first quarter of this year. Last year, the number was only about 280,000 and residents were the majority. The most frequent visitors to the Czech Republic came from neighbouring countries.
Prague Airport will focus on supporting the market in the United States, CzechTourism in the Middle East and Prague City Tourism will support the demand for travel to the Czech Republic in selected European markets and Israel.

Of the foreign tourists, the most missing are travellers from Asia and Russia. Czechtourism has therefore turned the focus of its campaign to 14 selected countries, mainly Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, whose inhabitants could make up for this shortfall. „The Czech Republic is ready for tourists. Direct air connections, which we have been working on for a long time with Prague Airport, also play a role. We believe that thanks to these activities there will soon be an increase in arrivals to the Czech Republic from neighbouring and nearby countries, says Jan Herget, Director of the Czech Tourism Centre – CzechTourism and adds. We have a lot of new highlights, which are the newest additions to the Czech Republic, namely the world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge Sky Bridge 721 and the Muchova trail. Attractions can also be undiscovered gems, which we want to introduce.“

„Our aim is to encourage the restoration of direct air links and demand for travel to the capital and further afield across the Czech Republic. Prague is, and always will be, the biggest attraction for travellers from abroad. It is precisely on the basis of their demand that we will increase the number of air connections available to Czechs. They will then have more opportunities to visit and choose destinations abroad,“ says Jaroslav Filip, Director of Air Commerce at Prague Airport. “We are also counting on marketing support for next year, because establishing air connections is a long-term affair, especially in the case of long-haul routes, which we expect to be further renewed and developed in the coming years,” adds Jaroslav Filip.

Prague City Tourism will then invest in promotion in the main European markets.„Our company will launch a digital campaign Stay in Prague in June. We will use Mastercard's behavioural data to target selected groups of people who are interested in history, monuments, quality services or gastronomy and spend more nights in Prague on average and therefore spend more money there, adds František Cipro, Chairman of the Board of Prague City Tourism.

The specific goal of Prague Airport is the renewal and further development of long-distance routes in the coming years. These lines will then generate the so-called sustainable inbound tourism, which is characterized by a real interest in the Czech Republic and the local cultural and social life, longer stays and a higher budget of visitors, for example for the use of quality services.  

Further updates can also be found on the Prague Airport Twitter @PragueAirport.
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