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Advertising opportunities on the portals Kudy z nudy and Visit Czechia

The CzechTourism agency's web portals can advertise Czech entities that are organizers of events held in the regions of Czechia ( portal for domestic tourism) or entities doing business in the field of tourism in Czechia - e.g. hotels, restaurants ( portal for inbound tourism).

The leisure portal achieved record traffic in 2021. The project, which connects entrepreneurs and operators in the tourism industry with their visitors, currently offers over 80,000 tips for trips. These attracted 21.5 million visits in 2021. The portal is an essential tool for marketing domestic tourism.

The project also has a significant fan base on Facebook, where domestic travellers share interesting facts and news. The number of Facebook fans has exceeded 500 thousand. New for 2021, is easier content management for organizers,  an updated system for entering and managing recurring events, integration of automatic adding of semantic tags to articles and other functionality improvements. The functionality of the mobile app Kudy z boredy - tips for the weekend has also been developed (e.g. now available in offline mode, includes a location load panel, wider content in the map, recommended tips for trips to regions and is also available in English).

The portal won the in 2021 award for the project #WorldCzechia (Světové Česko) and the app Kudy z nudy – Tips for trips, made their way among the finalists of the Golden Centurion competition. The series From Boredom - Seeing and Experiencing #WorldCesko in the category of Sports, Entertainment, Arts, Media, Tourism and Gastronomy won the TOP RATED jury award.

CzechTourism offers free advertising of events in the regions of Czechia on the most visited leisure portal.

Terms and conditions of presentation on

Presentation on the portal Kudy z nudy is possible by uploading activities using a simple form. Posting is free of charge, but the condition of presentation is to ensure cross-promotion, i.e. placing an active link or banner of Kudy z nudy on the website of the operator. Banners and the portal logo can be downloaded directly on the website.

Once uploaded, your entries will be checked by the editorial team and then placed on the portal immediately - you will find your entry there within two working days at most. Of course, as a logged-in user, you can change, add and update your entries at any time. Editing is possible in the My Profile section - after logging in, click on your name in the top right corner of the main page of the portal.

Contact the portal's editorial office:

Štěpánka Orsáková
Phone: +420 777 702 760

The portal has 10 language versions (*Aj, NJ, Pl, Ru, Pt, It, Fr, Sp, Ja, Zh) and is focused on comprehensive promotion of Czechia's tourism potential abroad. Individual tourism entities are presented here in regional and thematic breakdowns.

Terms of presentation

Publication on the website is free of charge, but the condition of presentation is to ensure mutual promotion, i.e. placing Czechia logo with an active prolink to on the website of the operator. The logo, including the terms of use, can be downloaded in the Brand manual of CzechTourism (it is necessary to register for the manual first).

To be featured on the website, the following must be sent to

  1. Short text with a description at least in English (or other language versions of the site*) consisting of - title, subtitle, perex, text if applicable;
  2. contact information – address, including GPS coordinates, website, email, phone if applicable;
  3. 5 photos in JPG or PNG format, landscape, without text, web quality.

Example entry

Criteria for inclusion on

For restaurants

  • Available and active website in at least 2 languages (Czech, English);
  • quality of service – meeting at least one of the following requirements:
    • CzechSpecials certificate;
    • Maurer's Choice Grand Restaurant;
    • TripAdviser – rated with a minimum of 4 points out of 5 possible points.

For hotel facilities

  • Available and active website in at least 2 languages (Czech, English);
  • quality of service – minimum 3 stars according to the official uniform classification of accommodation facilities of the Czech Republic, additional parameter TripAdviser – rated min. 4 points out of 5 possible;
  • Accessibility within approx. 30 minutes to sights within the offer.