Foreign tourism experts got to know the Karlovy Vary Region. TTD promoted interest in the Czech Republic

Foreign tourism experts got to know the Karlovy Vary Region. TTD promoted interest in the Czech Republic

HomeForeign tourism experts got to know the Karlovy Vary Region. TTD promoted interest in the Czech Republic
The first major inbound event to promote visitor traffic to the Czech Republic after the covid-19 pandemic. This is how tourism experts from all over the world perceive the Czech Republic Travel Trade Day (TTD) 2022. Two hundred people from 23 countries came to Karlovy Vary to get to know the region and its attractions and tourist news. And thus began to offer the Czech Republic more and in the whole world.
The main theme of the TTD was the restart of tourism after the coronavirus, the restrictions on tourism no longer apply and the need to build on the growth of the pre-pandemic period. The agency cooperated with the Destination Agency Živý kraj on the event.

„The opportunity to invite nearly 100 international tour operators, tour operators and journalists before the summer season starts is a great boost to restart the tourism industry. European travel agencies are looking for a replacement for sightseeing tours to Russia and the Czech Republic is an interesting alternative for them. American clients, on the other hand, need reassurance that we are a safe destination away from the war zone. It may seem ridiculous to us, but Americans stereotype us as Eastern Europe and are surprised when we show them that Prague lies west of Vienna. The key was trade negotiations. Covid has severed most trade relations and we need to start again. More than 1,750 meetings were held in Karlovy Vary and I firmly believe that this is the first step that will help replace the missing tourists from Russia and China not only in the Karlovy Vary region but in the whole Czech Republic, says Director of the Czech Tourism Centre – CzechTourism Jan Herget and adds: „Thanks to all those who participated in the event, from the participants to the partners to the organizers.
At the B2B workshops during TTD, participants from outside Europe were most interested in quality partners from the Czech Republic, especially incoming agencies and hotels. Representatives from European markets connected with domestic service providers in the context of excursions, transport, attractions, hotels, etc. Service providers and spa operators from the Czech Republic were most often interested in neighbouring countries. Specifically Germany, Austria and Poland, followed by Scandinavia and Benelux.
„The Karlovy Vary Region has so far been perceived as a spa region with a strong Russian clientele. This has been changed both by the covid pandemic and now by Russia's aggression in Ukraine. However, entrepreneurs in the spa industry in our region have been able to respond quickly to this, adjusting their offer and focusing on domestic visitors, neighbouring Germany and other markets. We appreciate the fact that one of the areas that CzechTourism is focusing on this year is traditions, including the traditions of Czech spas in conjunction with modern trends, says the Governor of the Karlovy Vary Region, Petr Kulhánek.
Domestic inbound agencies were very pleased that representatives from distant markets such as the USA, Canada, Latin America, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Japan and South Korea also came to TTD. These countries appreciate and want to cooperate with our destination management. They know the tourist offer in the Czech Republic well, they can provide quality services and take care of clients professionally on the spot. This is not only why the working meetings at TTD were preceded by sightseeing trips around the Karlovy Vary Region.
The TTD participants had a unique opportunity to see the most interesting things the Karlovy Vary Region has to offer in the role of tourists. Taste local specialties or try spa treatments for yourself. They also visited UNESCO-listed spa towns and met with spa doctors who explained spa treatment and the effects of unique natural resources. There were also sports activities in the Ore Mountains and rafting down the Ohře River, which was especially appreciated by buyers from Benelux. At the end of each day, guests were treated to a special cultural programme. They experienced medieval festivities at Loket Castle or a networking evening in the spirit of the spa atmosphere of the 1920s, says President of the Living Region Destination Agency Petr Židlický and adds. It also revealed some reserves, which, however, can be worked on.“

The Czech Republic Travel Trade Day has been held regularly since 2016 with a two-year forced break due to the covid. This year was the 5th anniversary edition. The venue was the Karlovy Vary Grandhotel Pupp and the whole Karlovy Vary region was explored. CzechTourism realized everything in cooperation with Destination Agency Živý kraj with the support of the Karlovy Vary Region and the towns of Karlovy Vary and Mariánské Lázně. The event was originally scheduled to take place in Karlovy Vary in 2020, but the covid postponed the event.
In the past, TTD has been hosted by Olomouc, Pilsen, Liberec and České Budějovice. The aim of previous editions, as well as this year's, was to give foreign buyers the most comprehensive picture of the Czech Republic's tourist offer, with an emphasis on the host region. The scenario is therefore usually as follows: The foreign TTD participants first get a "taste" of the region where the event takes place as tourists, then they have information and business meetings with Czech entities (travel agencies, hotels and other service providers), and the event concludes with B2B workshops of domestic entrepreneurs with representatives of CzechTourism's foreign offices.
„I think TTD has come just at the time and where it is most needed. I believe that TTD will bring good business to tour operators as well as local hoteliers and spas. Karlovy Vary is going through a reboot, unlike other destinations we have not only had a covid but also a huge transformation in clientele. But during the crisis we did not slack off, the city massively focused on its tourist and spa infrastructure. We certainly have a lot to offer and we are ready to welcome a whole new group of visitors – from families with children to athletes to those interested in the UNESCO World Heritage Site,“ says the Mayor of Karlovy Vary Andrea Pfeffer Ferklová.
Thanks to TTD, interest in the Czech Republic is also growing. After the event, business contracts are usually concluded, foreign agencies prepare packages or tour offers for their clients. That is why CzechTourism is already thinking about the next edition. It will take place on 15 and 16 May 2023 in Brno in cooperation with the South Moravian Tourism Centre.

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