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Czech Tourist Authority - CzechTourism
Štěpánská 567/15, 120 00 Prague 2 - Nové Město

Public Hours
on working days from 9 am to 5 pm

Number: 49277600
VAT number: CZ49277600
data box ID: yr9mzxx
Bank account number: 87637011/0710

Director's Office

Director of CzechTourism
František Reismüller
František Reismüller (*1983) has been working in the tourism industry since 2007, in 2013 he founded and then for four years headed the foreign representation of the CCCR – CzechTourism in Shanghai. Subsequently, he worked in Brussels at the European Travel Commission as a project manager specializing in the Chinese market. This March, he returned to CzechTourism as Director of Foreign Representations and B2B Cooperation. František studied Sinology at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University and has long been involved in research and translation of modern and postmodern Chinese literature and the current political and social situation in China.

Office of the Director

Assistant Director
Iva Kořínková
Phone: +420 777 702 761

Media contact (Media representation)
Kateřina Beránková
Phone: +420 724 302 802

External Relations Manager – Public Affairs, Corporate Communications
Blanka Řezníčková
Phone: +420 731 548 507


Department of Finance and Facility Management

Interim Director of the Department
Romana Gondeková
Romana Gondeková graduated in business management at ESMA - CZMI Prague. She worked in accounting and tax consultancy, then as chief economist at Kobit and as chief accountant at Sanofi Prague. In 2000-2006 she worked in the Canary Islands in the hotel business of the highest quality as a group financial director. From 2006 to 2018 she held the position of CFO and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors at Druchema. She used 2019 as a partial sabbatical year, working only on time-limited projects. From 2020, she worked at CzechTourism as Head of Internal Affairs, and from 2023 she is in charge of the Finance and Facility Management Department. In her free time she enjoys travelling. She is married and has 2 children.

Phone: +420 777 702 770

Department of Internal Affairs

Interim Head of Department
Vanda Wagnerová
Phone: +420 777 702 786

Finance department + administration of foreign representations

Head of Department
Pavel Kratochvíl
Phone: +420 775 746 825

Department of Product Management and Regional Cooperation

Director of the Department
Veronika Janečková
Veronika Janečková has worked within the CzechTourism agency in the management of the source market management department and the product management and regional cooperation department. Before coming to Czechia and promoting inbound marketing, she worked in outbound marketing in close cooperation with foreign tourism headquarters. It is through this career path that she is able to draw on experience from both sides of the tourism industry and from her experiences abroad. Her main goal is to work as effectively as possible with Czech entrepreneurs through associations, to motivate entrepreneurs to get involved in destination management and thus contribute to the development of tourism in Czechia.

Phone: +420 731 548 501

Department of Product Management and Regional Cooperation
(cultural, active, spa tourism) including press and fam trips

Head of Department
Katarína Minárik
Phone: +420 607 736 408

Institute of Tourism

Head of Department
Petr Janeček
Phone: +420 777 111 174

Czech Convention Bureau

Tereza Hofmanová
Phone: +420 777 702 733


Department of Marketing and Foreign Representations

Director of the Department
Jana Štumpová Konicarová
Jana Štumpová Konicarová is a graduate of Commerce and Finance at the prestigious University of Toronto in Canada, where she has spent part of her life and also started her professional career. She worked at global advertising agencies Saatchi & Saatchi and Young & Rubicam in Canada and then in Prague, where she was responsible for the communication and development of brands such as Toyota, P&G, Tchibo, Danone. She then held the position of Marketing director in telecommunications at the first mobile operator O2 (formerly Eurotel). She left this post to raise her three sons. She has continued to provide consultations in the field of telecommunications, marketing for SMEs, successful start-ups, the non-profit sector and the first Czech orchestra – the Czech Philharmonic. She studied and graduated in classical homeopathy in Czechia and England with practical training in India. She is a founder of her own brand of natural perfumes for yoga and interior with distribution in Czechia and around the world. 
In her current position at CzechTourism, she focuses on strengthening the image and clear positioning of Czechia in the world. Her goal is to support tourism and economic development of Czechia through effective and innovative marketing.

Phone: +420 777 702 737

Communications Manager, Marketing and Foreign Representations Department
Martin Poul
Phone: +420 774 739 702

Advertising Department

Head of Department
Martina Jordánová
Phone: +420 731 548 503

Department of Content and Web Portal Development

Head of Department
Petr Moc
Phone: +420 730 181 450

Štěpánka Orsáková
Phone: +420 777 702 760
Lucie Dvořáková
Phone: +420 731 548 531

Kateřina Farná
Phone: +420 731 548 518

Social Networks
Lucie Reismüllerová
Phone: +420 777 702 746

IT projects
Matěj Brnka
Phone: +420 777 702 741

Resource Market Management and Foreign Representations

Head of Department
Jana Houšková
Phone: +420 777 702 767

Manager for international marketing in remote markets
(China, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Russia, USA)
Lenka Nováková
Phone: +420 774 871 702

Manager for international marketing in nearby markets
(Benelux, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, UK)
Blanka Fejtková
Phone: +420 731 548 513

Manager for International Marketing - New Markets
Barbara Andelová
Phone: +420 731 548 508

Special Projects Contacts

Czech Specials and EDEN Projects
Lenka Nováková
Phone: +420 774 871 702

Experience Manager
Eva Šetková
Phone: +420 774 784 702

Project Ambassador, event partnership
Lukáš Bajer
Phone: +420 604 512 642

Analytical web portal, marketing research Institute of Tourism
Sonia Machová
Phone: +420 777 702 753

Contact for students
E-mail: (thesis processing, etc.)

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